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Elijah is a seven year old boyElijah living in Knoxville, TN.  He loves Star Wars, Lego, baseball, and his seven animals; three dogs, Sarge, Melody, and Jingles; two cats, Vashta and Ginger; and two fish, Bert and Ernie.  He loves his little sister too, and occasionally he even likes her!

Elijah will be in the third grade at Rocky Hills Elementary School where his favorite subjects are art, music, and science.  Elijah has always been a problem solver and has never taken “because” for an answer.  Inquisitive and caring, when he sees a problem that needs solved he doesn’t wait around to be “old enough to understand.”  He finds a way to fix it now!

Recently, Elijah saw a BIG problem.  Animals in shelters were not finding homes and they were suffering the consequences.  Elijah decided to help by selling the grain free treats he helped make for his own dogs.  Now, 100% of the money raised from selling these treats goes towards sponsoring the adoption fees of urgent animals at McMinn Regional Humane Society.









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